Monday, 13 February 2017

The Strange world of today.

The world is an amazing place, and when I say ‘amazing,' I mean it in different ways. Thousands of innocent people spend their lives in jail for something they didn’t do yet it’s still happening. Some are wondering how to earn dosh the most comfortable way instead of the hard way either by stealing, and some are thinking when Empire series airing, most folks are more engaged in social media sites - how to get more followers on Twitter or get more likes on their Facebook pages. Now my point is: each of us has his own problems and also a better way of solving it. The world we live in only a few people cares one another, the ones you expect to protect you they don’t protect you anymore, the ones you trust will someday turn against you.

Every day I experience new things in life, and every time I connect to the internet, I read a different kind of stories to be aware, most of it based on African stories. Sometimes you don’t even get to know which is the real or fake story, yet the press doesn't want the truth anymore they are more interested in good (false) story instead, to broadcast millions of people around the globe. Which I assume they get more attention and make lots of cash through it.
The basic problem we face today is money and popularity, everybody wants to be rich, I am definitely looking forward to that but the saddest remains some would even sacrifice their soul to the devil for fame and wealth, but who fears dead after all, were by tens of thousands kill themselves on suicide every year.

The 21st century is getting strange every day, and I'm not quite sure if the world is coming to an end, but I just hope we can make the world a better place together one day.

Prepare the future / Poem

A day returns from that of the day you are born,
in the world of living begins to make fun.
As you know the world is coming to an end,
my advice is to have some friends.
You may know that the day goes by,
So be alert and keep an eye.
On those who love and hate you,
All that you need must come through.
Prepare the future,
and ready to succeed.

by Prince Dasilva

Sunday, 22 January 2017

The Journey that scared me.

I choose the decision that I have ever regret in life …
I was 20 years old and being the earliest of the family, and I'm also the scapegoat, the death of my Dad change my life. We are seven in numbers. I have two brothers and three sisters together with my mom. Living the miserable life in Africa is not a choice likewise being rich too, life was quite going fine till my Dad kick the bucket, I have never been to school neither any of my family members. Everything changes when my Dad left us alone in the desperate world we live in today, He was the head of the family what I mean is - He was the only one who has a better job that can support the whole family every day.

I have to make a smart decision and take every responsibility to make things better for the family, after my Dad has left, imagine the situation in Africa, there is less job opportunity. And the saddest I also have no school papers to start a good job, it took me a month to find a job without a certificate or school papers, Yet still, there was no job for me. Then I start the journey to Europe by a boat called ‘Back-way’ together with my colleagues to search for a better life outside Africa. I have no choice than to put my family in the right position, - but before I could realize I have made the worse decision in my life - It was already late, I have experienced a lot during the Journey to Europe to find a better life and help my family.

Twelve of my friends and I started the journey, I lost 6 of them that died in the sea during the struggle. I was also arrested in the Italy police camp for six weeks. I also spent two months in the journey within that period I have the chance to call my family and let them know I am safe for a while, the sad news I got back home was my Mom is very sick, and she was thinking my whereabouts if I am safe or not. I was scared and disparate all that I could pray was a safe journey to make my Mom happy and recover, and also help my siblings.

I spent another two weeks again in the police camp working to get legal papers in the country, successfully I made it and I was allowed to stay in the country as a foreigner with correct papers for a period of time, it also took me three weeks to settle my papers. Luckily, I had the chance to call my family again, I was terrified when I heard my Mom is gone, she died and left me with only my brothers and sisters yet still I never give up and I also pray she rest in Peace.

I started working my first job in Italy at a restaurant as a waiter. For starters I was not making good money by then – at every week I was paid $70 and I have to western $40 back at home for medicine and food. Things were very though over there but also as here too, the aspect people always have is very wrong and misunderstood thoughts if you are staying in abroad. Living in Africa is not easy so as living in Europe too, the only difference it makes – there is job opportunity and security when you have the chance to travel on a plane and have proper papers to access a good job anywhere.

Before I used the sea to traveled I've heard a lot about it, people who lost their life and lot of things that will make you scared during the journey yet still I choose it for a better life but then I have experienced my worse days in life. Now I can say using the ‘back-way’ is a risk and if you die it feels like a suicide.

             R.I.P to all the people that died in the sea during the struggle.

Thursday, 12 January 2017

Child Poverty

What kind of world do we live in today? What comes to your mind if you see sick or poor kids on the streets, no shoes or right clothes begging around every corner?  - Today’s generation has changed and its still getting worse every year than it has ever been. Children who we all have hope being the futures of tomorrow in our absence are suffering from extreme poverty that turns to serious condition worldwide. There are billions of children in the world begging around the streets from morning to midnight just to stay healthy and survive the day; homeless children spend their night on the roads where it is freezing and insecure.

More than thousands of children spend half of their lives in the streets, and there are 80% of child poverty in Africa than any other continent in the world. Africa is the poorest continent which also leads 40% of the population poor.

Seeing young kids walking around the streets without good clothes or shoes, I don’t know anyone else but it’s very terrible, and it breaks my heart. Every early in the morning walking from house to house trying to find what to survive on and how to survive through the day.

No offense but sometimes we do not blame anyone but parents who never plan their lives and tend to spoil innocent young lives should not be accepted under no circumstance. Over 20% parents abandoned their children in Africa due to financial issue or irresponsibility, and yet still it continues up to date.

It’s high time to pay attention to the children of tomorrow. Never, Never turn your back to needy children, no matter where ever you are in this world help the poor ones whenever you have the chance to, now it’s the time to put an end to child poverty and build a new era. Together we can make the world a better place #TOGETHER!.

Wednesday, 4 January 2017

One of the best country in Africa: Senegal.

Within fifty-four countries in Africa, there are a lot of places to discover. The West is also another beautiful side-part of Africa with its delicate nature. The capital city of Senegal, Dakar, is one of the best city to spend the rest of your life or being on holiday for a few weeks enjoying the amazing sunny beach, clubs and the friendly Senegalese people. What a dream that came through in my life to spend a couple of days in the city and also adventuresome exciting places. I experienced a lot on my first time traveling outside the Gambia to a neighboring country within a drive of few hours between the Senegal border and The Gambia.
I wake up every morning at 7 a.m. and go for a hike; these are moments of my life that I ever felt like a rich white tourist. On my vacation, I was staying a place called Tan-gage, Dakar. The only problem I face through was communication. Senegal is a French country while the country I am from The Gambia is an English country and to be honest I can’t speak French, so it was kind of tough to communicate with the Senegalese people. The only process that helps me through - I was able to speak a local language called Wolof, which most of the Senegalese people can speak and also connected with the tribe.

The Wolof is also another tribe in Senegal, which majority of them comes from Saloum, most of the Senegalese are Wolof or Serer which their surnames go like Njie, Jobe, Nyang. According to history Wolofs and the Serers are the most populated tribe than any other tribes in the country, but I can assure you that Senegal is a blessing land and the people welcomes anyone from anywhere worldwide. “Senegal dega tranga la”.

Nothing could make you happy than having lunch with one of their best food called "Benachin" Senegal is one of the most beautiful countries you could spend your holiday with peace of mind and safety - the Gambia neighboring country is also another smiling coast. During my vacation I felt safe and comfortable.

Jerejeff Senegal Njie.. (Thank You Senegal)

Tuesday, 3 January 2017

The downfall of a man is not the end of his life.

Do not give up whenever you think life is over on your side. Regardless of life’s disappointments; no matter your shortcomings, mistakes, limitations - the amount of hate that has been thrown at you; regardless of the betrayals - always, always remember that you can make it in life if you trust and have faith in the one mighty, benevolent deity -- God. Know that he is always there to fix the unfixable, remedy the ma-lade, and out of the dark - a brighter and better shall emerge.
There come a time in one’s life when they think that giving up is going to solve their problems, but I implore you not to, for life is filled with obstacles, hurdles, which, for the most part, with zest and determination, you will overcome. We are more often that not disappointment by those we trust, and such incidents, sometimes, lead people into making terminal decisions like suicide. Remember that no matter how you feel or how hard life is at the moment - no condition is permanent - there is always a silver-lining.
Our generation, for all of our accomplishments, we need some divine intervention, every now and then, from God to protect and safeguard us from evil actions. But divine intervention alone is not going to solve our problems - we need to be brave enough to tackle every situation that comes our way. To encapsulate this, one has to be honest, hardworking, determined, and be faithful.
Be contented with what you have and  wherever you are, life is too short and if there is anything to learn from this life of ours, it is for the living. Don’t let your guard down, or be discouraged with any hindrance or obstacles; reach for the zenith and let let any negativity shroud your judgment or focus.
I know it is a cliche, but remember that there is always a light at the end of the tunnel!

This is a piece of advice to people who have given up on life.

Love & Hate

Love is much greater than anything you can think of in this world. Love is special to our  lives, for without love this life of ours will be nought earth.  There is nothing you can’t compare love with, not even all the currency inside the globe. Without Love, it’s hate! And, ladies and gentlemen, hate is the Devil. Most of us want to live happily with our relatives with Love today, and together we can make  one Lovely, happy globe. Moreover, hateful tendencies like racism are not an innate human trait, for love conquers all; whether you are black or white, ones skin color shouldn’t matter, and together we can make a better world and happy life.

Xenophobia, the killing our brothers and sisters, is also another sign of our hateful tendencies. Few months ago, it has happened in South Africa while the great leader of South Africa is no longer with us: R.I.P Nelson Mandela. A good many innocent people lost their lives in the incident that happened in South Africa - which is a sign of hate, not love to our fellow human beings but hatred, and still the hatred continues in the society we are living in today.

Love is much greater than hate! The darkness inside the light. I don’t have time to hate people’s lifestyles; Get busy living a happy life or dye with hatred. Thank the Almighty God am from a country that is full of Loving and caring folks! Growing up with the life and attitude of loving and caring, the majority of the people are so special; very loving and caring in the smiling coast of West Africa, The Gambia.

God is Love, but how many people consider this today? Few weeks ago, a 15 year old student named Ahmed , created a clock in the United States, he took it to the school to show it to his teachers and classmates. He was arrested because he was a black, Muslim kid; they thought it was a bomb. This is what I called racism. If a white kid creates something it is okay, but why not blacks too? Racism is very bad and people should be aware of this now.

We don’t have to allow to the devil to poison our minds.The devil deceives us to hate and kill our own brothers and sisters. Racism everywhere, the world is updated, and still some people can’t update themselves and be  loving and caring. Nothing is greater than a caring, loyal, and loving person.

Friday, 18 November 2016

BackWay: Africans risk using the Atlantic ocean to Europe in order to find a better life.

Most Bloggers, TV & Radio Presenters, are bringing the “Back Way” problem to our attention; however, the struggle continues by some Africans risking their lives on the perilous journey to Europe. Young Africans, from the Gambian coast to the Horn of Africa, are risking their precious lives, which can sometimes lead to deaths, either by drowning or at the hands of smugglers. With the allure of wealth, fame, and the obvious despair and desperation among the youth, without any knowledge or understanding of what lays ahead in Europe, many young men are putting their lives on the line - in quest of a better tomorrow. Which begs the questions, how many of them are willing to risk their lives to go on pilgrimages to the holy shrines in Mecca and Medina, or to the Holy See - Rome?
It is heart wrenching that not a day passes by without the reading the following news headlines: “Back Way” migrants lost their lives; tortured; deported, among other gloomy news details, after spending astronomical fortunes. This efforts, argued some, could be better used to better develop their native countries. Some will further argue that jobs are not the problem, but the kinds of jobs; however, this is still contested. Notwithstanding, with all the money being spent on the “Back Way”, one could contend that it could have been spent creating jobs and build better lives for all Africans.
No matter how hard the situation is in Africa, life is also hard in other foreign countries. It’s always work before pleasure, and the fact that most “Back Way” migrants think of Europe, makes one to wonder, where they are getting their information regarding Europe. For those teenagers, who are under the age of 18, they ought to be more resilient, and based on my personal experience, you can create a positive and vibrant future in Africa, notwithstanding the hurdles, struggles, failures, life still goes on and the future is all yours for the asking.  

Together we can build up Africa to be a better place! It is widely believed that Africa is the richest continent on Earth. In light of that, we all harness and make the most of our natural resources, by working hard and being steadfast. Our continent, Africa, is a lovely continent and it will require all of us to make it a better place!  

Wednesday, 16 November 2016

Staring Dead in the Face: Somali

Somalia, the Indian Ocean country, is one of the most unstable, ungovernable, if not the most of all the countries in Africa. Heralded as the only true nation-state in Africa at the dawn of independence, due to its ethnic and religious homogeneity. Among failed states, Somalia, unfortunately, sits on the summit.  Somalia’s instability brings with it many ills, among which are diseases, lack of basic amenities, hunger and never-ending skirmishes.  
In the first two months of this year alone, 2016, seasonal and episodic droughts have claimed more than 200 lives. Some observers are contending this drought could arguably be one of the worst droughts to have ever hit the East African country. Droughts are not an anomaly in Africa South of the Sahara, and Somalia is one of those countries that usually get affected by this conundrum. In 2011, the drought affected more than 13 million people across the Horn of Africa and thousands of people fled their homes in search of food and water. In Somalia, natural disasters like droughts are coupled man-made disasters -- the resurgence of terrorist and clan militias, making it a herculean task for humanitarian organizations to dispense food and medicine to survivors. Somalia is not only affected by drought but also 60% of its children are suffering from child malnutrition, and today Somalia has one of the highest rates of child malnutrition and infant mortality in the world.
According to BBC News; more than 40 percent of the Somalis need some sort of humanitarian assistance from other countries around the world but still no chances yet. The UN’s Humanitarian coordinator in Somalia Peter de Clercq said the drought is intensifying there “many more people risk relapsing into crisis”. Highlighting the condition of the children, he said that 58,300 will die "if they are not treated". Mr de Clercq appealed for more funds so they can be helped as soon as possible.
I do not want to sound overly optimistic but I do think that there would be a light at the end of the tunnel, and hopefully, a new Somalia would emerge out of its current rancor and dystopic ambiance.

My prayers are with the Somali people!

Tuesday, 6 September 2016

Does Terrorism Have a Religion?

First of all,  I would really like everyone to read the heading of the blog post to have a better comprehension of what my post is about. That being said,  I respect everyone's religion or whatever deity a person holds to be their highest possible. As a writer - you sometimes write things and the audience interpret your writings or see them from a different lens - and that is expected. And - for the most part -  you realize this when you get feedback from the readers and whatnot.

Yesterday morning, following the deadly attacks in Brussels, I posted a tweet saying the following:

“One thing I don't understand is - lots of people said that Terrorist don't have a religion - but most of them say Allahu Akbar before killing innocent people.”

I think most people mistaken my tweet for being anti-Islam. Granted, anti-Muslim sentiments are all over the web - especially in Western countries. However, the point I was trying to make was not to say that all terrorists are Muslims or all Muslims are terrorists. I know better than that as a Christian living in a predominant Muslim country, where religious tensions are unheard of, where Christians are respected and assimilated.The moral of the story is simple: there is a connection between religion and terrorism - albeit they misinterpret and lack a better understanding of their respective religions, in this case Islam. But, in all honesty, there is a nexus between religion and terrorism, that, folks is not debatable. It’s just like when Christians try to say that the Ku Klux Klan and the Lord’s Resistance Army of Joseph Kony don’t have a anything to do with Christianity. Of course they do; however, they just happen to have a perverted interpretation of Christianity. And like the islamic terrorists - they do not represent the vast majority of their faith.

Furthermore, I am not here to patronize anyone but simply asking my readers to read and understand my narrative from an objective point of view. I followed up the tweet with several tweets - clarifying my tweet - but it wasn’t satisfactory for some. Like I have said in my tweets - Islam is a very peaceful religion - and more than most - I understand this personally and communally.

Again, I am not saying that all Muslims are terrorists or all terrorists are Muslims. This is historically and factually not true. There are many non-Muslim terrorist organization - and those ones, too, for the most part, are religiously connected, be it Christian, Jew, Hindu, or what have you. Unfortunately, the attacks that happened in Brussels yesterday - albeit - not representative of all Muslims, have their roots in political islam - which, for better or worse, is the religious connection.

As a blogger, I write what’s on my mind, and sometimes - those writings can hurt feelings or make some uneasy or offend some.  As a result, if I offend you - I am sorry. I hope this piece will help to cool down some of the rhetoric of my twitter feed and start a respectful and thought-provoking conversation. Let’s us appeal to our better angels! 

Friday, 19 August 2016

The dark side of Africa / Poem

Africa, the homeland of the negro race  
Africa, where some of her offsprings could be called sharks
Africa, the continent labeled the Dark Continent
Africa, the land so ravaged by corruption and war
Africa, where poverty and famished are the order of the day
Africa, where illiteracy is so rampant!

Africa, where law and order are seldom adhered to
Africa, where a past is evermore at odds with the present  
Africa, where the decks are forever stacked against her
Africa, a continent that produces a lot but the dark flames cloud the heavens above

Africa, where the hustle and struggle gives way for a lot pain and anguish  
Africa, where suppression and depression are standardized
Africa, where untimely deaths are part of the everyday narrative
Africa, where a good many of her children are left bilious and curious
Oh Dear, Mama Africa, when are you going to experience a lasting bill of health?!

Tuesday, 9 August 2016

Begging in the streets has become a business in Africa.

I have seen lot of tricks base on how people can earn money in the streets on their basic lives without working or selling anything either way by stealing, pick-pocket… Begging is one hell of a secret business that some folks use as an advantage to earn money. There are millions of people who can be healthier than you are instead finding a job they prefer begging in the streets just to have something from you for FREE.

I have witness this myself… I was just to withdraw dosh from an ATM, a stranger came stood behind my back within a short distance waiting for me to done with the machine – In that moment, my imagination was He needed the machine to withdraw some money but I was wrong… after already receiving money from the bank, I left the machine and start walking suddenly the stranger followed me, to be frank I was not really comfortable in that situation, in-fact I had a bad suggestion that he was finding a way to rob me in the day light.

The guy came across me n’ start his story:

       My brother I have been in the street since in the morning and I have not eating not even a breakfast, I’m really starving. Please I am begging you in the name of God if you have some money please help me let me buy bread at the shop and have something to eat, please I’m begging you sir please!.

In that moment I felt very sorry with a very sad face, I gave him something that he can at least buy two breads and something that he can eat with the bread something like butter. But what really surprises me was, after giving this man some money to buy bread, He never said Thank you but still that doesn’t bother me, I continue walking after just few steps walking from a distance I turned back and I saw this guy already bought cigarette and started smoking.

Tricks like this in the streets can really blow your mind, witnessing something very cryptic like this today, I feel surprise and desperate. Begging in the streets was meant for disable, blind and other people who cannot work in order to help themselves in term of finance. Nowadays this type of plans has been adopt by health people begging in the streets which is very bad and also an encouragement to young children seeing it from the streets L.