Tuesday, 9 August 2016

Begging in the streets has become a business in Africa.

I have seen lot of tricks base on how people can earn money in the streets on their basic lives without working or selling anything either way by stealing, pick-pocket… Begging is one hell of a secret business that some folks use as an advantage to earn money. There are millions of people who can be healthier than you are instead finding a job they prefer begging in the streets just to have something from you for FREE.

I have witness this myself… I was just to withdraw dosh from an ATM, a stranger came stood behind my back within a short distance waiting for me to done with the machine – In that moment, my imagination was He needed the machine to withdraw some money but I was wrong… after already receiving money from the bank, I left the machine and start walking suddenly the stranger followed me, to be frank I was not really comfortable in that situation, in-fact I had a bad suggestion that he was finding a way to rob me in the day light.

The guy came across me n’ start his story:

       My brother I have been in the street since in the morning and I have not eating not even a breakfast, I’m really starving. Please I am begging you in the name of God if you have some money please help me let me buy bread at the shop and have something to eat, please I’m begging you sir please!.

In that moment I felt very sorry with a very sad face, I gave him something that he can at least buy two breads and something that he can eat with the bread something like butter. But what really surprises me was, after giving this man some money to buy bread, He never said Thank you but still that doesn’t bother me, I continue walking after just few steps walking from a distance I turned back and I saw this guy already bought cigarette and started smoking.

Tricks like this in the streets can really blow your mind, witnessing something very cryptic like this today, I feel surprise and desperate. Begging in the streets was meant for disable, blind and other people who cannot work in order to help themselves in term of finance. Nowadays this type of plans has been adopt by health people begging in the streets which is very bad and also an encouragement to young children seeing it from the streets L.