Friday, 19 August 2016

The dark side of Africa / Poem

Africa, the homeland of the negro race  
Africa, where some of her offsprings could be called sharks
Africa, the continent labeled the Dark Continent
Africa, the land so ravaged by corruption and war
Africa, where poverty and famished are the order of the day
Africa, where illiteracy is so rampant!

Africa, where law and order are seldom adhered to
Africa, where a past is evermore at odds with the present  
Africa, where the decks are forever stacked against her
Africa, a continent that produces a lot but the dark flames cloud the heavens above

Africa, where the hustle and struggle gives way for a lot pain and anguish  
Africa, where suppression and depression are standardized
Africa, where untimely deaths are part of the everyday narrative
Africa, where a good many of her children are left bilious and curious
Oh Dear, Mama Africa, when are you going to experience a lasting bill of health?!


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