Tuesday, 6 September 2016

Does Terrorism Have a Religion?

First of all,  I would really like everyone to read the heading of the blog post to have a better comprehension of what my post is about. That being said,  I respect everyone's religion or whatever deity a person holds to be their highest possible. As a writer - you sometimes write things and the audience interpret your writings or see them from a different lens - and that is expected. And - for the most part -  you realize this when you get feedback from the readers and whatnot.

Yesterday morning, following the deadly attacks in Brussels, I posted a tweet saying the following:

“One thing I don't understand is - lots of people said that Terrorist don't have a religion - but most of them say Allahu Akbar before killing innocent people.”

I think most people mistaken my tweet for being anti-Islam. Granted, anti-Muslim sentiments are all over the web - especially in Western countries. However, the point I was trying to make was not to say that all terrorists are Muslims or all Muslims are terrorists. I know better than that as a Christian living in a predominant Muslim country, where religious tensions are unheard of, where Christians are respected and assimilated.The moral of the story is simple: there is a connection between religion and terrorism - albeit they misinterpret and lack a better understanding of their respective religions, in this case Islam. But, in all honesty, there is a nexus between religion and terrorism, that, folks is not debatable. It’s just like when Christians try to say that the Ku Klux Klan and the Lord’s Resistance Army of Joseph Kony don’t have a anything to do with Christianity. Of course they do; however, they just happen to have a perverted interpretation of Christianity. And like the islamic terrorists - they do not represent the vast majority of their faith.

Furthermore, I am not here to patronize anyone but simply asking my readers to read and understand my narrative from an objective point of view. I followed up the tweet with several tweets - clarifying my tweet - but it wasn’t satisfactory for some. Like I have said in my tweets - Islam is a very peaceful religion - and more than most - I understand this personally and communally.

Again, I am not saying that all Muslims are terrorists or all terrorists are Muslims. This is historically and factually not true. There are many non-Muslim terrorist organization - and those ones, too, for the most part, are religiously connected, be it Christian, Jew, Hindu, or what have you. Unfortunately, the attacks that happened in Brussels yesterday - albeit - not representative of all Muslims, have their roots in political islam - which, for better or worse, is the religious connection.

As a blogger, I write what’s on my mind, and sometimes - those writings can hurt feelings or make some uneasy or offend some.  As a result, if I offend you - I am sorry. I hope this piece will help to cool down some of the rhetoric of my twitter feed and start a respectful and thought-provoking conversation. Let’s us appeal to our better angels!