Friday, 18 November 2016

BackWay: Africans risk using the Atlantic ocean to Europe in order to find a better life.

Most Bloggers, TV & Radio Presenters, are bringing the “Back Way” problem to our attention; however, the struggle continues by some Africans risking their lives on the perilous journey to Europe. Young Africans, from the Gambian coast to the Horn of Africa, are risking their precious lives, which can sometimes lead to deaths, either by drowning or at the hands of smugglers. With the allure of wealth, fame, and the obvious despair and desperation among the youth, without any knowledge or understanding of what lays ahead in Europe, many young men are putting their lives on the line - in quest of a better tomorrow. Which begs the questions, how many of them are willing to risk their lives to go on pilgrimages to the holy shrines in Mecca and Medina, or to the Holy See - Rome?
It is heart wrenching that not a day passes by without the reading the following news headlines: “Back Way” migrants lost their lives; tortured; deported, among other gloomy news details, after spending astronomical fortunes. This efforts, argued some, could be better used to better develop their native countries. Some will further argue that jobs are not the problem, but the kinds of jobs; however, this is still contested. Notwithstanding, with all the money being spent on the “Back Way”, one could contend that it could have been spent creating jobs and build better lives for all Africans.
No matter how hard the situation is in Africa, life is also hard in other foreign countries. It’s always work before pleasure, and the fact that most “Back Way” migrants think of Europe, makes one to wonder, where they are getting their information regarding Europe. For those teenagers, who are under the age of 18, they ought to be more resilient, and based on my personal experience, you can create a positive and vibrant future in Africa, notwithstanding the hurdles, struggles, failures, life still goes on and the future is all yours for the asking.  

Together we can build up Africa to be a better place! It is widely believed that Africa is the richest continent on Earth. In light of that, we all harness and make the most of our natural resources, by working hard and being steadfast. Our continent, Africa, is a lovely continent and it will require all of us to make it a better place!