Tuesday, 3 January 2017

Love & Hate

Love is much greater than anything you can think of in this world. Love is special to our  lives, for without love this life of ours will be nought earth.  There is nothing you can’t compare love with, not even all the currency inside the globe. Without Love, it’s hate! And, ladies and gentlemen, hate is the Devil. Most of us want to live happily with our relatives with Love today, and together we can make  one Lovely, happy globe. Moreover, hateful tendencies like racism are not an innate human trait, for love conquers all; whether you are black or white, ones skin color shouldn’t matter, and together we can make a better world and happy life.

Xenophobia, the killing our brothers and sisters, is also another sign of our hateful tendencies. Few months ago, it has happened in South Africa while the great leader of South Africa is no longer with us: R.I.P Nelson Mandela. A good many innocent people lost their lives in the incident that happened in South Africa - which is a sign of hate, not love to our fellow human beings but hatred, and still the hatred continues in the society we are living in today.

Love is much greater than hate! The darkness inside the light. I don’t have time to hate people’s lifestyles; Get busy living a happy life or dye with hatred. Thank the Almighty God am from a country that is full of Loving and caring folks! Growing up with the life and attitude of loving and caring, the majority of the people are so special; very loving and caring in the smiling coast of West Africa, The Gambia.

God is Love, but how many people consider this today? Few weeks ago, a 15 year old student named Ahmed , created a clock in the United States, he took it to the school to show it to his teachers and classmates. He was arrested because he was a black, Muslim kid; they thought it was a bomb. This is what I called racism. If a white kid creates something it is okay, but why not blacks too? Racism is very bad and people should be aware of this now.

We don’t have to allow to the devil to poison our minds.The devil deceives us to hate and kill our own brothers and sisters. Racism everywhere, the world is updated, and still some people can’t update themselves and be  loving and caring. Nothing is greater than a caring, loyal, and loving person.