Sunday, 22 January 2017

The Journey that scared me.

I choose the decision that I have ever regret in life …
I was 20 years old and being the earliest of the family, and I'm also the scapegoat, the death of my Dad change my life. We are seven in numbers. I have two brothers and three sisters together with my mom. Living the miserable life in Africa is not a choice likewise being rich too, life was quite going fine till my Dad kick the bucket, I have never been to school neither any of my family members. Everything changes when my Dad left us alone in the desperate world we live in today, He was the head of the family what I mean is - He was the only one who has a better job that can support the whole family every day.

I have to make a smart decision and take every responsibility to make things better for the family, after my Dad has left, imagine the situation in Africa, there is less job opportunity. And the saddest I also have no school papers to start a good job, it took me a month to find a job without a certificate or school papers, Yet still, there was no job for me. Then I start the journey to Europe by a boat called ‘Back-way’ together with my colleagues to search for a better life outside Africa. I have no choice than to put my family in the right position, - but before I could realize I have made the worse decision in my life - It was already late, I have experienced a lot during the Journey to Europe to find a better life and help my family.

Twelve of my friends and I started the journey, I lost 6 of them that died in the sea during the struggle. I was also arrested in the Italy police camp for six weeks. I also spent two months in the journey within that period I have the chance to call my family and let them know I am safe for a while, the sad news I got back home was my Mom is very sick, and she was thinking my whereabouts if I am safe or not. I was scared and disparate all that I could pray was a safe journey to make my Mom happy and recover, and also help my siblings.

I spent another two weeks again in the police camp working to get legal papers in the country, successfully I made it and I was allowed to stay in the country as a foreigner with correct papers for a period of time, it also took me three weeks to settle my papers. Luckily, I had the chance to call my family again, I was terrified when I heard my Mom is gone, she died and left me with only my brothers and sisters yet still I never give up and I also pray she rest in Peace.

I started working my first job in Italy at a restaurant as a waiter. For starters I was not making good money by then – at every week I was paid $70 and I have to western $40 back at home for medicine and food. Things were very though over there but also as here too, the aspect people always have is very wrong and misunderstood thoughts if you are staying in abroad. Living in Africa is not easy so as living in Europe too, the only difference it makes – there is job opportunity and security when you have the chance to travel on a plane and have proper papers to access a good job anywhere.

Before I used the sea to traveled I've heard a lot about it, people who lost their life and lot of things that will make you scared during the journey yet still I choose it for a better life but then I have experienced my worse days in life. Now I can say using the ‘back-way’ is a risk and if you die it feels like a suicide.

             R.I.P to all the people that died in the sea during the struggle.