Tuesday, 3 January 2017

The downfall of a man is not the end of his life.

Do not give up whenever you think life is over on your side. Regardless of life’s disappointments; no matter your shortcomings, mistakes, limitations - the amount of hate that has been thrown at you; regardless of the betrayals - always, always remember that you can make it in life if you trust and have faith in the one mighty, benevolent deity -- God. Know that he is always there to fix the unfixable, remedy the ma-lade, and out of the dark - a brighter and better shall emerge.
There come a time in one’s life when they think that giving up is going to solve their problems, but I implore you not to, for life is filled with obstacles, hurdles, which, for the most part, with zest and determination, you will overcome. We are more often that not disappointment by those we trust, and such incidents, sometimes, lead people into making terminal decisions like suicide. Remember that no matter how you feel or how hard life is at the moment - no condition is permanent - there is always a silver-lining.
Our generation, for all of our accomplishments, we need some divine intervention, every now and then, from God to protect and safeguard us from evil actions. But divine intervention alone is not going to solve our problems - we need to be brave enough to tackle every situation that comes our way. To encapsulate this, one has to be honest, hardworking, determined, and be faithful.
Be contented with what you have and  wherever you are, life is too short and if there is anything to learn from this life of ours, it is for the living. Don’t let your guard down, or be discouraged with any hindrance or obstacles; reach for the zenith and let let any negativity shroud your judgment or focus.
I know it is a cliche, but remember that there is always a light at the end of the tunnel!

This is a piece of advice to people who have given up on life.