Thursday, 12 January 2017

Child Poverty

What kind of world do we live in today? What comes to your mind if you see sick or poor kids on the streets, no shoes or right clothes begging around every corner?  - Today’s generation has changed and its still getting worse every year than it has ever been. Children who we all have hope being the futures of tomorrow in our absence are suffering from extreme poverty that turns to serious condition worldwide. There are billions of children in the world begging around the streets from morning to midnight just to stay healthy and survive the day; homeless children spend their night on the roads where it is freezing and insecure.

More than thousands of children spend half of their lives in the streets, and there are 80% of child poverty in Africa than any other continent in the world. Africa is the poorest continent which also leads 40% of the population poor.

Seeing young kids walking around the streets without good clothes or shoes, I don’t know anyone else but it’s very terrible, and it breaks my heart. Every early in the morning walking from house to house trying to find what to survive on and how to survive through the day.

No offense but sometimes we do not blame anyone but parents who never plan their lives and tend to spoil innocent young lives should not be accepted under no circumstance. Over 20% parents abandoned their children in Africa due to financial issue or irresponsibility, and yet still it continues up to date.

It’s high time to pay attention to the children of tomorrow. Never, Never turn your back to needy children, no matter where ever you are in this world help the poor ones whenever you have the chance to, now it’s the time to put an end to child poverty and build a new era. Together we can make the world a better place #TOGETHER!.