Monday, 13 February 2017

The Strange world of today.

The world is an amazing place, and when I say ‘amazing,' I mean it in different ways. Thousands of innocent people spend their lives in jail for something they didn’t do yet it’s still happening. Some are wondering how to earn dosh the most comfortable way instead of the hard way either by stealing, and some are thinking when Empire series airing, most folks are more engaged in social media sites - how to get more followers on Twitter or get more likes on their Facebook pages. Now my point is: each of us has his own problems and also a better way of solving it. The world we live in only a few people cares one another, the ones you expect to protect you they don’t protect you anymore, the ones you trust will someday turn against you.

Every day I experience new things in life, and every time I connect to the internet, I read a different kind of stories to be aware, most of it based on African stories. Sometimes you don’t even get to know which is the real or fake story, yet the press doesn't want the truth anymore they are more interested in good (false) story instead, to broadcast millions of people around the globe. Which I assume they get more attention and make lots of cash through it.
The basic problem we face today is money and popularity, everybody wants to be rich, I am definitely looking forward to that but the saddest remains some would even sacrifice their soul to the devil for fame and wealth, but who fears dead after all, were by tens of thousands kill themselves on suicide every year.

The 21st century is getting strange every day, and I'm not quite sure if the world is coming to an end, but I just hope we can make the world a better place together one day.